Tips on becoming a social media marketer

Passionate about helping companies utilise social media to reach their target markets and engage with their audience, she is one of the speakers at this year’s #RethinkMedia conference at Birmingham City University and has been awarded ‘Birmingham Young Person of the Year’ (2014)  along with a ‘small business’ award at the Venus Awards.

What advice would you give to someone looking to use social media as a business tool for networking and entrepreneurship?

Remember the name of everyone you meet and add them on LinkedIn with a message to say ‘hi’. Don’t spam them with group messages, instead make sure every interaction you have with them is personal and adds value.

Social media is a relatively new platform for communication, where do you see the trends in digital communication.

So far we’ve seen a shift from lengthier pieces of text to extremely short videos and pictures or memes, which ties in with people’s attention spans getting shorter.

We’ve seen that people continue to share more and more about things you’d think they would keep private! Finally, we’ve seen marketers and people who use social media to communicate appreciate that they need to fight hard for people’s attention online (hence clickbait), then content platforms (Facebook) responding to this by developing algorithms to penalise content that isn’t as interesting as the headline suggests.

Who knows that the future holds!

How can someone start building their skills as a social media marketer/expert?

Keep up to date with the changes on each social media platform and think carefully about how you could apply them to companies that you know or work with.

Also, keep up to date with what the brands you know and love are doing on social media. Notice the content they send out, who they talk to, the campaigns they run. Research big brands and small brands and pick up ideas to adapt and try out.

What is the hardest part about your job and what is the most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of my job all comes from positive feedback from clients. Clients come to us to be the experts in social media so it’s important that we develop our knowledge of the field to suggest new approaches and then carry them out.

The hardest part of my job is a secret. I’m working on it!

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